30022 Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in 30022

The shade of your natural teeth is determined by a mix of things we can’t control including genetics, aging, effects of some medications, injuries – and, things we can control, such as the foods and beverages we consume, and tobacco use.  For those of us who have been considering teeth whitening treatment, the endless array of over-the-counter options—from gels to rinses, toothpastes and strips—may be an overwhelming number of choices with not enough information about safety and effectiveness. The best solution can be found with the guidance of your trusted dental professionals at Haynes Bridge Dental Care. Right here in Johns Creek GA 30022, teeth whitening is a treatment that is offered in-office, for fast and dramatic results.


30022 Teeth Whitening

Within just a single appointment, an expert at Haynes Bridge Dental Care can dramatically whiten your teeth. Having your teeth whitened by an experienced, artistic dental professional means that achieving the best possible results—including matching the shade of whitening to any existing dental prostheses—is par for the course. If you’re in Johns Creek GA 30022, teeth whitening can also rejuvenate your smile, taking years off your appearance. Typically, prior to a teeth whitening treatment, your teeth and gums will be examined and cleaned to remove any superficial stains, and address any dental issues that you may have.

Stains to the enamel of your teeth can develop from tobacco, foods and drinks; particularly those that are highly pigmented. The stains to the enamel of your teeth may be inevitable, but the yellowing of your teeth doesn’t have to be. If you’re in Johns Creek GA 30022, teeth whitening from your highly skilled dentist can be just a short trip away. And if the type of yellowing or discoloration of your teeth can’t be treated by a whitening treatment, they provide an extensive range of cosmetic treatment options to help you get the smile you deserve. So make a call today to the office of Haynes Bridge Dental Care to schedule a time to discuss the options that are most suitable for you.


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