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Johns Creek Best Dentist

When you have a toothache or other dental emergency, getting to the dentist is urgent, and getting to the best dentist in Johns Creek is important.  We are here to help at Haynes Bridge Dental Care and make every effort to see patients with dental emergencies as immediately as possible.


Best Dentist in Johns Creek

While toothache pain may not be severe at first, it will not subside without treatment of the cause. A toothache may be caused by a problem as straightforward as an untreated cavity or a loose filling, other causes may be more serious. In the event of a dental emergency, you need the best assessment of your condition from your dentist in Johns Creek and at Haynes Bridge Dental Care, we will do a thorough examination to determine the appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.  Many causes of toothaches begin insidiously or have only minor symptoms, but they may quickly escalate. Some problems include infection, gum disease, teeth-grinding or sudden trauma; many people experience toothache pain, which can be severe, when molars and wisdom teeth emerge. Other conditions, such as a sinus or ear infection may be the origin of discomfort that feels like a toothache. Your dentist, Dr. Gary L. Nelson, at Haynes Bridge Dental Care will diagnosis the situation and do his best to provide relief and  comfort.

You may need only a replacement filling for a cavity, but whether your toothache pain can be remedied with a simple treatment or requires a more complex procedure, you can be assured at Haynes Bridge Dental Care, you will be treated with the same urgency and compassion. Anytime you experience sudden sensitivity, have a toothache or have had a dental accident, relief is close at hand when you are in the dedicated care of Haynes Bridge Dental, your dentist in Johns Creek.


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